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The South Walton Community Council exists to provide a better quality of life for those in South Walton County.  To do that we could use your help.

Our staff must travel daily throughout the county and other locations to attend meetings concerning threats to our environment, keeping up with information from TDC, Planning Commission, County Commissioners, property owners, distributing Nature Trail Maps, seeking funding from Foundations/donors and many other important events.

If you have, or know of someone who might have a suitable car, minivan, small pickup or other vehicle that is not being used, please consider donating it to SWCC. It will make a difference in our ability to provide the services to you and others who needs us in South Walton.


Your donation of a vehicle would provide us even more opportunities in the future.  Your gift would be a tax deductible donation.


If you can help, please contact


(850) 314-3749



Larry Long, Executive Director



For the last year & a half cinematographer Elam Stoltzfus & crew have been working on telling the story of our “globally rare & critically imperiled” Coastal Dune Lakes, which has several showings in our area since its release in April.  Many residents attended to celebrate how lucky we are to have these gems in our community and to enjoy Elam speak about his experiences while creating this amazing documentary. 


If you missed it, here’s a clip of the film.  



Protect our Coastal Dune Lakes

The current proposed revisions to the coastal dune lakes protections contains explicit language regarding the right to request variances from this section of the land development code, which also implies that some, if not all, of the coastal dune lakes protections included in the Comprehensive Plan will be removed from that plan.  SWCC is opposed to this change and it sets a dangerous precedent. Our Walton County Comprehensive Plan was carefully developed and is one source of protection for many of the environmental features of South Walton County.


Also the current proposed Chapter 4 revision raises the limit for lot clearing within the Coastal Dune Lake Protection Zone to 50% from 25%, a full 100% increase. There is also additional clearing allowed for storm water management leaving the possibility for lot clearing on the coastal dune lakes to be 100% outside of the buffer. No science-based reasoning is provided for this increase in the clearing allowed on lots within the Coastal Dune Lakes Protection Zone. 

We need to let our public officials know we oppose any relaxation of the protections to our rare coastal dune lakes. The Commissioners are considering these changes close to the time that PBS will be airing the film that Elam Stoltzfus is making about our beautiful lakes. Would it not be high irony that at the time our coastal dune lakes are receiving national attention we are taking steps to degrade those same lakes.

Please continue to write your commissioners and inform your friends.

Address: PO Box 1661, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Phone: +1 (850) 314-3749


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