SWCC Provides a Springboard as Incubator

for A Better South Walton!

Starting as a sub-committee of SWCC in 2015, A Better South Walton (ABSW), is just one example of how South Walton Community Council promotes citizen engagement and capacity building of local grassroots efforts.

A group of ordinary citizens, the ABSW committee core leadership team have been working diligently to protect the quality of life that has made South Walton such a special and unique place with its natural beauty and distinctive character.

The committee, which will eventually form a new organization in their own right, has worked in response to this concern to explore ways of taking a more “hands on” approach to determining South Walton's collective destiny. 

The mission of this group is to explore all alternatives to determine whether there is a better way to maintain and improve property values and the unique character of South Walton by creating a vision for what our community can and should be. This will involve properly managing and improving the quality and scope of development taking place in our community and successfully enforcing codes that support the community’s vision while providing the appropriate and required infrastructure.

These leaders wish to promote a healthy dialogue of ideas and suggestions that can produce an outcome that the citizens of South Walton can get behind and support through the conducting of a feasibility study that will provide complete data on the feasibility of incorporating South Walton for self-governance as a municipality.

For more information, visit their website!